Saturday, December 19, 2009

momma getting it.

this was at a get together after thanksgiving. My mom was "flexing" lol

the flight of the crane.

credit to thresca of deviantart

tat tat tatted up!

Most might not know that i have 2 tattoos, and now i'm addicted. I've been getting a tat every year since i was 18. But now out of respect of my daddy, im going to skip this year and wait until my 21st to get my other tats.

I have 2 things i want to get, but since some people in this world is jockers lol im just gonna tell yall one idea.
One of my tat ideas is getting a crane with some flowers, maybe cherry blossoms. My last name is Crane so its perfect, especially for what a crane stands for. I dont know the placement yet. I have untill september to get it all together.

some ideas for the design.

I'm Back!!!!

yea, so i know i haven't been posting...i just been busy with school.
Junior year in college is soo hectic, so much stuff is going on all at once. Luckily i passed all my classes this semester!
So happy about that. Anyways I will be doing a lot of posting since im on my winter break.

Right now i just woke up for the day. On the northside at my grandma house, so ready to be back on the west.
Really hungry right now so i will contune later. lol