Thursday, June 30, 2011

The 90's Nickelodeon

Finally! I know everybody raised in the 90's been asking Nickelodeon about doing this. When I saw this I felt like I was a kid again.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Currently in search of...

these beauties..
I saw raven symone wearing these in blue & then I found out they are by Jessica Simpson. Jackpot! knowing that it's definitely in my price range. lol but I can't find them anywhere! :( 
If you guys know where I can buy them in orange or blue let me know please.


I'm also in love with these..

sexy huh?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Timeless beauty.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Review: Beyonce's "4" album

Ok so I had the chance to download the album like 3 weeks ago when it leaked. Remember when I said that I wasn't too sure about this album because of her first single? Her first single of this album was 2 thumbs down BUT I was surprised by the album. The album I must say is really good! Out of  the 12 songs, 2 of them I didn't care for. The whole album have an old school feel to it. The songs take will take you back to the 90's, 70's and so on. I really love the whole feel to it, and it is really different from what she done in the past. Bey really showed her vocal range on this album too. The album will be in stores on Tuesday so I suggest ya'll go buy it! If your looking for something different & with an old school feel to it then you will love this album!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Reading List.

Once again I kind of got a lil too happy on Amazon and ordered some books.
Here is the list of books I ordered and the info on them.

The Help by Kathryn Stockett
"The novel is told from the point of view of three narrators: Aibileen Clark, a middle-aged African-American maid who has spent her life raising white children, and who has recently lost her only son; Minny Jackson, an African-American maid whose back-talk towards her employers results in her having to frequently change jobs, exacerbating her desperate need for work as well as her family's struggle with money; and Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan, a young white woman and recent college graduate who, after moving back home, discovers that a maid that helped raise her since childhood has abruptly disappeared and her attempts to find her have come to nought. The stories of the three women intertwine to explain how life in Jackson, Mississippi revolves around "the help", with complex relations of power, money, emotion, and intimacy tying together the white and black families of Jackson."

The Swan House by Elizabeth Musser
"Mary Swan Middleton has always taken for granted the advantages of her family's wealth. But a tragedy that touches all 
of Atlanta sends her reeling in grief. When the family maid challenges her to reach out to the less fortunate as a way to ease her own pain, Mary Swan meets Carl--and everything changes. For although Carl is her opposite in nearly every way, he has something her privileged life could not give her. And when she seeks his help to uncover a mystery, she learns far more than she ever could have imagined" 

Poison by Sara Poole
"In the simmering hot summer of 1492, a monstrous evil is stirring within the Eternal City of Rome. The brutal murder of an alchemist sets off a desperate race to uncover the plot that threatens to extinguish the light of the Renaissance and plunge Europe back into medieval darkness. Determined to avenge the killing of her father, Francesca Giordano defies all convention to claim for herself the position of poisoner serving Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia, head of the most notorious and dangerous family in Italy. She becomes the confidante of Lucrezia Borgia and the lover of Cesare Borgia. At the same time, she is drawn to the young renegade monk who yearns to save her life and her soul. Navigating a web of treachery and deceit, Francesca pursues her father’s killer from the depths of Rome’s Jewish ghetto to the heights of the Vatican itself. In so doing, she sets the stage for the ultimate confrontation with ancient forces that will seek to use her darkest desires to achieve their own catastrophic ends."

Dark Thirst by Various Authors
"In the introduction to Dark Thirst, whose contents are by African Americans, editor Allen notes that vampires of color have long been part of bloodsucker lore. The vampire hero of Allen's "Vamp Noir" was banished by his kind for harboring a human and now hunts criminals. In Monica Jackson's humorous "The Ultimate Diet," Keeshia envies a thin, sultry neighbor with many lovers; when she realizes the woman is a vampire, she takes steps to become just like her, jeopardizing her closest friendship in the process. Selena, vampire heroine of Donna Hill's "The Touch," longs for a man to satisfy her cravings but continues to exhaust and consume many lovers. A steamy, sensual gathering."

The Curse of Caste; or The Slave Bride: A Rediscovered African American Novel by Julia C. Collins

In 1865, The Christian Recorder, the national newspaper of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, serialized The Curse of Caste; or The Slave Bride, a novel written by Mrs. Julia C. Collins, an African American woman living in the small town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The first novel ever published by a black American woman, it is set in antebellum Louisiana and Connecticut, and focuses on the lives of a beautiful mixed-race mother and daughter whose opportunities for fulfillment through love and marriage are threatened by slavery and caste prejudice. The text shares much with popular nineteenth-century women's fiction, while its dominant themes of interracial romance, hidden African ancestry, and ambiguous racial identity have parallels in the writings of both black and white authors from the period.
Begun in the waning months of the Civil War, the novel was near its conclusion when Julia Collins died of tuberculosis in November of 1865. In this first-ever book publication of The Curse of Caste; or The Slave Bride, the editors have composed a hopeful and a tragic ending, reflecting two alternatives Collins almost certainly would have considered for the closing of her unprecedented novel. In their introduction, the editors offer the most complete and current research on the life and community of an author who left few traces in the historical record, and provide extensive discussion of her novel's literary and historical significance. Collins's published essays, which provide intriguing glimpses into the mind of this gifted but overlooked writer, are included in what will prove to be the definitive edition of a major new discovery in African American literature. Its publication contributes immensely to our understanding of black American literature, religion, women's history, community life, and race relations during the era of United States emancipation."

Mama Dearest by E. Lynn Harris
"After being out on tour, the ambitious singer and actress is fired up to move past her recent setbacks—including an explosive romance with NFL tight end John Basil Henderson—and prove her talents are stronger than ever. What Yancey really wants is to star in her own reality TV series, and she’s even found a rich and well-connected lover to make it happen. There are, however, two women fierce enough to derail Yancey’s comeback dreams: Madison B., a hot new bombshell taking the music industry by storm, and Ava Middlebrooks, who happens to be Yancey’s own mama dearest.Not even a stint in prison for attempted murder has curbed Ava’s competitive nature. Now she will bring down her #1 rival—her own daughter—by using Madison B. to turn Yancey’s world upside-down. . . "

Unburnable by Marie Elena Jones
"Haunted by scandal and secrets, Lillian Baptiste fled Dominica when she was fourteen after discovering she was the daughter of Iris, the half-crazy woman whose life was told of in chanté massongs sung during Carnival—songs about a village on a mountaintop littered with secrets, masquerades that supposedly fly and wreak havoc, and a man who suddenly and mysteriously dropped dead. After twenty years away, Lillian returns to her native island to face the demons of her past—and with the help of Teddy, a man who has loved her for many years, she may yet find a way to heal. Set in both contemporary Washington, D.C., and post-World War II Dominica, Unburnable weaves together West Indian history, African culture, and American sensibilities. Richly textured and lushly rendered, Unburnable showcases a welcome and assured new voice."

Kindred by Octavia Butler
"Dana, a modern black woman, is celebrating her twenty-sixth birthday with her new husband when she is snatched abruptly from her home in California and transported to the antebellum South. Rufus, the white son of a plantation owner, is drowning, and Dana has been summoned to save him. Dana is drawn back repeatedly through time to the slave quarters, and each time the stay grows longer, more arduous, and more dangerous until it is uncertain whether or not Dana's life will end, long before it has a chance to begin."

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Are you ready?

Harry Potter
July 15th

I'm soo excited!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Magnolia League.

"When her free-spirited mother dies in a tragic accident, sixteen-year-old Alexandria Lee is forced to leave her West Coast home and move in with a wealthy grandmother she's never known in Savannah, Georgia. By birth, Alex is a rightful if unwilling member of the Magnolia League-Savannah's long-standing debutante society. But white gloves and silk gowns are a far cry from the vintage t-shirts and torn jeans shorts she's used to. 

Alex is the first in decades to question the Magnolia League's intentions, yet even she becomes entangled in their seductive world. The members enjoy youth, beauty and power...but at what cost? As Alex discovers a pact between the Magnolias and the Buzzards, a legendary hoodoo family, she discovers secrets-some deadly-hidden beneath the glossy Southern veneer."
I bought this book because I thought it was cute. You know how amazon have a place where they post items you might like on their first place? Well thats where I saw this book at and I thought why not...I like books about Southern traditions and mystical stuff. It's not one of those books where you will learn from it, it's just a book to keep you entrained. I think it did a real good job doing that. I'm ordering more books off amazon so I'll keep yall posted on that.

Also I found a nice site for book worms called 

Friday, June 10, 2011

DIY Acrylic nails: My new hobby

I think it was last week that I was looking at my nails in disgust, wondering when am I going to get my nails done. Then I remember that I'm not in Houston where I can get a full set for $15, and I'm not about to pay $30 dollars for them here. So I got on youtube and start watching do it yourself tutorials on acrylic nails. I think I watched about 50 videos and I've became like addicted to the different types of acrylic, colors, and designs that you can do to your nails without going to the nail shop. Everything you need to do nails is either online or at a beauty supply store. I bought most of my stuff at Sallys. I even bought a drill on amazon.

So I finally did my own nails last night...& about three hours later I was done. lol I think the more I do it, I will get better but I love them. I really think I did well for my first time. Since I'm left-handed, my right hand looks wayyy better than the other hand. I also was watching youtube videos on making your own glitter acrylic so I will be experimenting with that soon. But yea... let me know if yall want me to do a video on it or if yall have any questions just let me know!

Before putting acrylic on


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Movie Review: Thor

I know, I know I've been gone for a min but I have a movie review for yall...well actually 2!

Story line: "Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior, is sent down to Earth as punishment for reigniting a reckless war. But after a dangerous villain from his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth, the hammer-wielding Thor will learn what it takes to be a true hero in order to save mankind."

I actually seen this movie like 2 weeks ago. Before going into this movie, I didn't really understand what Thor was actually about. I knew it was something dealing with mythology but I never knew the story behind it. As you watch the movie, it tells you the story and clears up any questions you had. To my surprise, I liked the movie a lot. It wasn't the best movie of the summer but it's one of the movies that makes me wish there was a part 2. If you like mystical fantasy type of movies then you will like this. The story line was cute, nothing too deep about it. Even though it was suppose to be an action pack movie...there wasn't a lot of action. The action scene that they did had was a fun experience to watch. Chris word. Sexy! That was a nice eye candy. I would definitely have this in my movie collection.