Monday, November 9, 2009

Past, Present & the Future.

All the things you do leads to the future, but I'm not sure about what path that i want to take anymore. I was sure of what i wanted to do since 7th grade. When my middle school went on a field trip to University of Houston, while we was there we was in the biology lap experimenting with our germs. I knew i wanted to do something in the Medical/Science field.

A Dermatologist to be exact.

Now i have a different outlook on what i should do since i found about this new line of work, Physician Assistant. Not sure what it is...look it up. That's what i did. People always say "do what you love to do". Let be real, now a days you will need money to do other things you like to do. For me that will be shopping and taking trips so i need money in my pockets. Both of these things I'm thinking of becoming makes plenty of money, well one makes more than the other. One of my main concern is i don't want people, people that means a lot to me, think I'm taking the easy way out if i choose to go with this new profession. Medical school cost so much money and loans is going to be my new best friend. But hey, you got to do what you have to do. What I love about a Physician Assistant is that you don't have to stay under just one field. I can work with kids, cosmetic surgery, skin, E.R, and so on. Basically a Doctor working under another Doctor, but still can write prescriptions.

Right now i dint know what to do but i have time. Knowing that i want to be in the Medical Field is good. Whatever my future brings, i know it will be good. All i have to do is keep on the right path.



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