Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Falling & I can get up.

Have you ever felt like your to the point where you can't it anymore? Whether if it's school, work, family or just relationships. Your mind is always sprinting as if its trying to win the race, but it's always something that make it loose it momentum. No matter what you do, you still at point A. No matter how much you strive for point B. As much as you scream, no one hears you. That's how i feel. Emotionally drained, weak. Weakest point that i have ever been. But i still hope though, that's on thing that never left my side. You can say it's my pride that never let me give up, or stand my ground. I'm a prideful person, thanks to my family. I just know God would never put me in a position that i can't handle. It's a lesson he's trying to teach that i soon will get the answer to. This won't be forever. I'm falling & I can get up.


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