Sunday, April 17, 2011

Pieces of Me - Week of 4/10

Hmmm where do I start? I guess from the beginning of the week. lol

-1. Remind me to never work on Mondays. That was so boring! But hey, money is money.
-2. Tuesday was my bf's birthday. It was a relaxed day. Went out for lunch that day and then tonight we just came back from Texas de Brazil. It was a wonderful experience. Post coming soon later...
-3. I had my third Ochem exam this week. Well... It whooped my ass. smh I'm just ready for school to be over with.
-4. Omg I had Freddy's steakburgers for the first time and lets just say I fell in love with their fries! It's like Steak n' Shake but their fries are wayyyy better. I will be going back soon.
-5. One day sale! Macy's had their One Day Sale which they have like every two months. I got some nice pieces for a even nicer price. You know I love bargains. A post about that will be coming soon...

-Pieces of me.


Jasmin said...

you're so pretty! x

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