Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Movie Review: Thor

I know, I know I've been gone for a min but I have a movie review for yall...well actually 2!

Story line: "Thor, a powerful but arrogant warrior, is sent down to Earth as punishment for reigniting a reckless war. But after a dangerous villain from his world sends the darkest forces of Asgard to invade Earth, the hammer-wielding Thor will learn what it takes to be a true hero in order to save mankind."

I actually seen this movie like 2 weeks ago. Before going into this movie, I didn't really understand what Thor was actually about. I knew it was something dealing with mythology but I never knew the story behind it. As you watch the movie, it tells you the story and clears up any questions you had. To my surprise, I liked the movie a lot. It wasn't the best movie of the summer but it's one of the movies that makes me wish there was a part 2. If you like mystical fantasy type of movies then you will like this. The story line was cute, nothing too deep about it. Even though it was suppose to be an action pack movie...there wasn't a lot of action. The action scene that they did had was a fun experience to watch. Chris Hemsworth...one word. Sexy! That was a nice eye candy. I would definitely have this in my movie collection.


Steff said...

Krysmonique thanks for following. I seen Thor too. Like you I also knew little about him and his story until seeing the film. I liked it too and would watch it again.

Btw Your blog is really cute. Keep posting.



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