Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Ceilings.

Less than an hour ago i downloaded Lil Wayne's new mixtape, "No Ceiling". I didn't get to listen to it fully because i was trying to put it on my itunes. As far as i can tell, i'm really not feeling it. idk, maybe i have to get into it. This is coming from a "Wayne head", but its the same ol same ol. I will listen to it throughout this week, and hopefully i'll like it more.

Have ya'll heard he's going to jail for like 8 months? I'm not surprised but then again whats wrong with rappers these days? Is your glamourous life not making you happy to do stupid things? I bet you he's going to have a show about trying to change people's lives around. Master P even have a show!! Can i get a show?


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