Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I don't know about ya'll but i really want to go to a psychic. I've always been amazed in that kind of stuff, like astrology. Plus i want to see if the psychic will say complete bull or it will actually be true. I'm a true Virgo at that. Most people think its stupid to believe in those kinds of things but i think its true to some extent. By the end of this year i'm going to try to find a psychic place here. I should do it this month since it's October. lol

Almost everybody relates to their zodiac sign. It never fails.

Here is my weekly horoscope, courtesy of yahoo.
"Your restlessness on Monday and Tuesday is useful. It's due to an unquenchable intellectual curiosity, and intellectual curiosity -- obviously -- is what has led to the advances that the modern world is built on in terms of science, philosophy and the arts. You're a genius! Sadly, some forces (probably in the family realm) are going to prevent you from making good on your genius Wednesday and Thursday, but Friday and Saturday are open to your creative whims. And Sunday, an experimental mood guides your day, so be open to anything."


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