Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pieces of Me - Week of 5/17

I know I have been kind of m.i.a lately due to school & working. Since school is out until summer school begins,  I have some time on my hands. Instead if summing up my week, I'm going to summer up these past 2...or 3 weeks. & you know what's funny? I started this on the 10th and I'm just now getting to it lol Lets begin...

-1. I got those Betsy Johnson earrings that I posted! Beautiful. & for a good price too.
-2. I'm so excited to be going back home for the weekend. The last time I've been home was for spring break in March.
-3. Remember when I said that my Ochem exam whooped my ass? Well I was wrong! I made a B on that exam & passed the class! I'm just happy that I don't have to retake that class. 
-4. This semester was a good one. My gpa for this semester is a 3.2, which is good, considering I was taking 6 classes. Hopefully I can kick ass in summer school...which reminds me that I need to start applying nursing school.
-5. Since I been gone, I bought a lot of things. At a good price though. Idk if I should do a post with everything or just wait till I wear them. 
-6. Lastly, I'm going to have a new section on the blog. The new section will be cooking/food. I've been meaning to do this for the longest but to be honest I just been lazy to post. Since I'm at the point where I should know more about cooking, I'm going to let you guys follow me through trial and error. Yes I can cook but thats to an extent. I'm going to post recipes that I love and sometimes do meal of the week type of post. 


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