Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Book Selection: Urban Romance

I recently found a Half Price Books Store by my house that have it's own African American authors sections. It was like heaven, all in one place and it was cheap! I bought a book called "Urban Romance" by Nelson George. 
Description: "Dwayne Robinson, the protagonist of Ur ban Romance, might just be Nelson George in the early Eighties: He's a freelance writer and music critic for the Village Voice, Essence, and Billboard, waiting for inspiration for his first book. Dwayne lives in two worlds--the world of poor black New York, b-boys, just-rising rap music, and the world of buppies, black middle-class urban professionals. Disdaining buppies, Dwayne nevertheless is pushed toward them by his new love, Columbia journalism graduate student Danielle, whose suburban New Jersey upbringing contrasts strongly with Dwayne's Brooklyn background. Much more than just an "urban romance," this book uses the relationship between Dwayne and Danielle to explore black music, politics, and urban life."

I'm still on the first chapter and idk.. It really hasn't caught my attention yet. But I'm not the type of person that doesn't finish a book, so it will keep reading. Hopefully it just take a long time to get started.


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