Sunday, January 2, 2011

Plans For This Week.

Since i will be leaving friday to go back to san antonio for school, I have to get a lot of things accomplished. It might be a couple of months before I come back to houston. I need to make a appointment to get my hair done. I really want to get a refill on my nails while I'm down here since it's way cheaper, but it looks like I can hold out for about another 2 weeks.
Of course im going to spend quality time with the babe even though we going back to the same place. Houston have a lot more things to do and see than san antonio.
I need to have lunch with my bestie or do something with her before I leave. Also I wanted to get my tattoo this winter break...maybe I still can. The last thing I can think of is getting my puppy the babe is getting me as a christmas gift. Yup I'm excited. Hopefully I can do all of these things by friday...oh & of course shop lol.
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