Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nail Art: Crackle Nail Polish

While doing my daily web surfing I came across Necole Bitchie's article about crackle nail polish. Immediately I become fascinated with this nail art. Doing a little more research about it, I found out that it was popular in the early 90's and I guess you can say that it's making a repeat. What exactly does it do? It creates a shattered or crack effect as it dries on your nails. It can make plain and simple nails look unique and dramatic. Put the polish over any nail color such as glitter, pink, gold..etc.

O.P.I is coming out with a crackle nail polish that will be included in the Katy Perry Collection coming out sometime this month. I personally think this is one of O.P.I best collection thus far. Ranging from a dark plum berry to a electrifying blue. I will be getting them when they come out. If you can't wait for the O.P.I crackle nail polish to come out, there are a lot of different brands on ebay that also have assortments of colors. 
Here's it with the crackle polish on top of the colors.


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